The manufacturer designs and builds the machine in such a way that it is supposed to last up to 10 years, depending on the spectrum classes used and declared during the design phase.

After that it is necessary to calculate the remaining potential of the machine to determine whether it has actually been used up.
In the event that there is a remaining potential, you can run on normal operation until the period reported is finished.
In case of obsolete equipment it could be worth modernizing the crane, performing the necessary tasks to complete restoration of the machine in full compliance with the standards, making it functional to your needs, while saving money.
Modernizing the crane may be the most economical choice before deciding to replace it. Old or inadequate systems can be converted to meet your current needs.

Also in this case we provide a series of products / interventions specifically designed:

  • Anti-collision devices;
  • Systems of access to the facility;
  • Monitoring Unit;
  • Overload limiters;

According to the Law UNI ISO 9927-1 standard:
Lifting appliances must be submitted to a General Review by an experienced engineer every time you increase the frequency of signaling of specific defects, when in the course of maintenance controls will detect an abnormal deterioration of the conditions of the structures and mechanisms and certainly on reaching the end of the useful life of the device