Periodic Maintenance

The result of our excellent service are 2,100 plants under maintenance contract throughout northern Italy. Once concluded a maintenance contract with Vinati Services, you will not have to worry about deadlines and controls anymore, because our technicians will bear all the necessary interventions for your plants.

The quarterly reviews, as well as a legal obligation, are a good routine procedure for the preservation of the system over time.
Based on utilization / activity profiles, you can choose between different formulas of periodic preventive maintenance, so as to maintain the efficiency of the plant, meet the regulatory requirements and optimize the cost of the service.

What is the maintenance?

Maintenance is the set of operations required to keep a machine fully efficient, through inspection and / or periodic checks and eventual following interventions. Three-monthly cranes overhauls are mandatory by law and concern the check of ropes and chains.

Ropes & chains intervention

The legislator requires that ropes and chains of any lifting appliance are to be monitored on a quarterly basis and records of it kept. The rope is a key element of your system and requires special attention, because there are different forms of alteration of the rope and only a trained eye can correctly judge the state of the strands or of the iron mesh of the chains.
Work without worry.

Standard intervention

Each component of the lifting system has its own specific check cycle. We know what the market offers and so we can focus our intervention in order to satisfy any technical requirement of the manufacturers.
For a technically appropriate and professional service rely on those who have been manufacturing and checking lifting equipment for over 50 years.

Complete intervention

«The crane is essential in your production process?» «The work environment is particularly burdensome?»
«The crane is used intensively?»
If the answer is yes to at least one of these questions, this is the type of contract that suits you. COMPLETE intervention consists of a thorough check up of the entire structure, the hoist, the trolley, the warheads, the button panel, the block and the electrical system. Because we all know that prevention is the best solution.

Furthermore, for monitoring the efficiency of your investment, we provide access to the CIMS system which supplies the data concerning:

  • plants;
  • technical sheets;
  • reminders (deadlines);
  • interventions register;

More informations on CIMS.

Maintenance is also carried out for systems different from Vinati's.
Richieda un preventivo per il vostro prossimo contratto di manutenzione.